December 3rd, 2019

winter car care tips


In the winter months the sun sets earlier in the day, which means there’s less daylight, this can make your commute home a lot more hazardous. This means, you are going to want to make sure you keep your lights in perfect working condition to ensure the brightest illumination. If you have a faulty bulb make sure you get it fixed right away. During snowstorms be sure to completely clear your car off before driving, including any exterior lights (headlights, reflectors, taillights etc). If your headlights are foggy or yellow, consider replacing them or look into an easy restoration kits (We have headlight restoration kits available, contact us today for a quote).


Have you ever noticed that your smartphone battery doesn’t last long in the cold, and tends to die when you still have plenty of juice left? Well that is because batteries don’t like the cold! This issue with your phone can also be an issue with your car battery. A battery that would just be weak during the summer could turn into a completely dead battery during the winter. It is typically a good idea to have a volt test performed on your battery before the extreme cold hits. This will ensure you don’t have a morning where your car won’t start.


Antifreeze also called Coolant, might be the most important component of your car, especially during the winter months. Antifreeze, just like it’s name suggests keeps your engine from freezing in the bitter cold temperatures. Before it gets too cold make sure your car isn’t low on antifreeze and be sure to check for any leaks. We have a diverse portfolio of antifreeze for any application, contact us today for more information.


Ever noticed that cars with all wheel drive seem to be the ones spun out on the sides of the road? All-wheel drive tends to give drivers a misleading confidence boost when driving in slippery conditions. AWD certainly helps you accelerate, or get out of sticky (or should I say slippery) situations. However AWD does not help you break or turn faster than a normal 2 wheel drive vehicle. This is where winter tires come in, winter tires stay more flexible in the colder temperatures, and have treads specifically designed for ice and snow. If you don’t already have winter tires, make sure to grab some ASAP.