May 9th, 2017

Increase the Variety of Car’s You Can Service with an Oil Rack System.

In the lubricants industry, various “Rack Systems” have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With this very sought-after product, many brands have generated their own versions. Regardless of the brand, the basic benefits are comparable and worth consideration for your business. Let’s start with the Rack. Around 80 inches in height and various widths, this metal frame can be easily assembled and is designed to free up space. Our options include the Ecobox™ (3×3 & 6×6), Pro Pak (4×4), and Center Rack (3×3). The frame operates with four shelves. The top shelve will hold the boxes of oil, and the shelve directly underneath will contain plastic pitchers. This is then repeated for the bottom two shelves. The boxes of oil have a unit of measure of 24*1 Quarts/1*6 Gallons. The bottom of the box has a valve that pours oil into the pitchers below that has measuring increments on the sides to assure the right volume for your oil change.

These systems have abounding benefits. The Rack System will undoubtedly free up space compared with traditional bottles. Cases of Quarts and Gallons are larger in size to store compared to the 6 Gallon Box. The box is positioned so that gravity pulls out the most oil possible. This reduces the amount of oil left behind compared to traditional quarts. Switching to the boxes is also better for the environment with far less plastic waste and cardboard. Most importantly, this system will allow you to service many different types of vehicles by having more specialty oil then before. For example, by carrying the Ecobox™ of Pennzoil Platinum® Euro 5W-40, you can now service Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche A40, BMW LL-01, and more. This is just one of many examples of how to broaden your customer base and increase your yearly profit.

Lighter viscosity oils are entering the industry at an accelerated pace. At the start of the year we have seen the release of 0W-16. It is going to become more important to be able to service these varieties. Changes are occurring with Heavy Duty Engine Oil as well. Recent EPA and NHTSA emission legislation has created new Heavy Duty Engine Oil specifications with CK-4 & FA-4. Shell Rotella® has a line of Ecoboxes that are up to date with these changing requirements to make sure you are covered! Rack systems will also allow you to carry different types of ATF and CVT Fluid.

Racks for Pennzoil®, Gulf®, ENEOS®, and more.

At Dennison Lubricants, we carry five different brands of Rack Systems. The Ecobox™ System available with Pennzoil®, Quaker State® and Shell Rotella® is one of the pioneers of these products. If you are looking for the top of the line lubricants these are a great investment. Your customers will see many benefits to Pennzoil’s Pure Plus products including improved gas mileage and superior engine protection. Gulf Lubricants also offers a complete line of 6*1 gallon boxes in their Pro Pak system. From Dexos1™ approved synthetic grades to high mileage, Gulf can really help you extend your menu board. Finally we have the ENEOS® Center Rack System. ENEOS is the OE Lubricant supplier of choice for Japanese auto makers. ENEOS is made by JX Nippon Oil & Energy, one of the largest companies within the industry. ENEOS is also the Official Motor Oil of the Boston Red Sox!

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