A brand with an outstanding history in New England, Oilzum products are high quality and deliver exceptional performance and value. Our product line includes, but not limited to: Synthetic motor oils, Syn-Blend motor oils, and Premium Diesel Engine Oil.

We are excited to announce the launch a new line of Oilzum Industrial products! Click here for more information.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Oz14900Oilzum Syn Blend 5w20 SN+ PDSSDS
Oz11900Oilzum Syn Blend 5w30 SN+SDS
Conventional Motor Oil
Oz15900Oilzum 10w30 SN+ PDSSDS
Oz13400Oilzum 10w40 SN PDSSDS
Synthetic Motor Oil
Oz02000Oilzum Synthetic 0w20 SN Plus PDSSDS
Oz34000Oilzum Synthetic 5w20 SN Plus PDSSDS
Oz31900Oilzum Synthetic 5w30 SN Plus PDSSDS
Monograde Diesel Motor Oil
331970Oilzum Diesel 10w PDS SDS
331965Oilzum Diesel 20w PDS SDS
331953Oilzum Diesel 30w PDS SDS
331955Oilzum Diesel 40w PDS SDS
Heavy Duty Engine Oil
Oz14900Oilzum 15W40 CK-4 PDSSDS
Oz11900Oilzum 10w-30 CK-4 PDS 
Gear Oils
Oz30219Oilzum 80w-90 Gear Oil PDSSDS
 Oilzum SAE 90 Gear PDSSDS
16034Oilzum Syn Hypoid 75w90 Gear PDS 
Oz5w140bOilzum Syn Hypoid 75w140 Gear PDS 
Oz90w140bOilzum Syn Hypoid 80w140 Gear PDS 
Hydraulic Oils
w4077bOilzum Bio-Green Hydraulic Oil PDSSDS
Oz61710Oilzum Hydraulic AW 32 PDSSDS
 Oilzum Hydraulic AW 46 PDSSDS
 Oilzum Hydraulic AW 68 PDSSDS
 Oilzum Low Pour Hydraulic AW 46 PDS 
16693bOilzum Multi Purpose ATF PDSSDS
ozsynatfbOilzum Synthetic ATF PDSSDS
 TO-4 Type Fluid
oz16010Oilzum TO-4 Type Fluid 10w PDSSDS
oz16030Oilzum TO-4 Type Fluid 30w PDSSDS
oz16050Oilzum TO-4 Type Fluid 50w PDSSDS
UTF/Transmission Fluid
oz01400Oilzum UTF PDSSDS
oz50wbOilzum Synthetic Transmission Oil 50 PDSSDS
Form Oil/Snow Plow Oil/Bar & Chain Oils
oz16010Oilzum Form Oil PDSOilzum Form Oil SDS
oz16030Oilzum Bar Chain PDS 
oz16050Oilzum Snow Plow Oil PDS SDS

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