December 11th, 2019

Oilzum Snow Plow Oil

It’s been a quick start to winter, and plows have been busy. If you are a snow plow driver, be sure to call us about our Oilzum Snow Plow Oil.


Oilzum Snow Plow Oil is a low viscosity hydraulic oil designed to perform in extreme winter conditions, and will flow freely at -40 °F. It is specially refined to reduce drag in close-tolerance gear pumps, while also lengthening pump life. Reduced drag results in lower current draw and more efficient motor performance. An anti-icer is also added for protection against moisture and freeze-ups. Oilzum Snow Plow Oil meets Military Specification 5606

Delivery of Oilzum Snow Plow Oil Available in

  • All of Massachusetts
  • All of Rhode Island
  • All of Connecticut
  • All of New Hampshire
  • All of Maine
  • All of Vermont
  • Hudson River Valley New York