January 8th, 2020

Oilzum WS 5000

Oilzum WS 5000

High Performance Cutting and Grinding Fluid

Oilzum WS 5000 is a water soluble, semi-synthetic coolant formulated for general machining of aluminum alloys, cast iron and steel with excellent cleaning ability. Oilzum WS 5000 provides excellent detergency and re-solubility for reduced grime build up on machines. This coolant also provides excellent anti-corrosion properties, and stable performance characteristics yielding a longer sump life. With normal care, Oilzum WS 5000 resists rancidity and does not present any abnormal disposal problems.


  • Lower usage due to excellent re-solubility.
  • Reduced grime buildup on machines
  • High lubricity providing improved machining precision.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Bio-stable formula yielding long sump life.

  • Properties:


    • (Concentrate): Yellow
    • (5% solution): Translucent
    • Specific Gravity (15/4ºC): 0.94
    • pH (5% solution): 9.6

    • Usage Recommendations:

      • Cast Iron, Aluminum Alloys and Steel Alloys
      • General Machining, Reaming, Tapping: 4 – 6 %
      • Material Compatibility:

        • Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

        • Concentration Control:

          • Refractometer: BRIX Index (Contact your Dennison representative for conversion chart)

          • Storage:

            • Keep in a cool, dry area.
            • Do not freeze.

            • Precautions:

              • Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet for all warnings, recommendations for safety equipment and other regulatory information.

              • Availability:

                • Pails
                • Drums
                • Totes
                • Bulk

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