May 25th, 2017


Gulf Lubricants Passenger Car Engine Oil

Gulf Lubricants is an up and coming brand from Nu-Tier that was established in 2010. They offer a multifarious selection of products within the industry, but we are going to focus on their Passenger Car Engine Oil in this article. Finding the right Engine Oil for your business is not easy. Many questions come to mind along the journey. Does the product line cover all the specifications for the cars I service? Is this a name brand people recognize? Will the oil protect my customer’s engines? If oil service changes are a large piece of your operation, the right product is invaluable. Gulf Lubricants have been the answer for hundreds of businesses across New England and it may be exactly the oil you have been looking for! At Dennison Lubricants we carry GulfTEC ® dexos 1™, GulfTEC ® Synthetic Motor Oil, GulfTEC ® EURO Full Synthetic Motor Oil, and Gulfpride® Advanced Fuel Efficient Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. Looking to meet the requirements of GM’s dexos1®? GulfTEC ® dexos 1™ is the right product for you! All viscosities are approved by GM under the licensing program. Your customers will also see fuel economy improvements and receive a product that meets manufacturer’s latest warranties. Viscosities include 0W-20, 5W-20, and 5W-30. Gulf even has Euro 5W-40 and 5W-30 available! GulfTEC ® EURO Full Synthetic Motor Oil is high quality oil formulated to meet warranty and performance requirements of most major European passenger car manufacturers (visit for full list of approvals). Only service a few Euro customers? No problem! With Gulfs ProPak rack system, you can purchase ProPak boxes to make sure you always have the right oil for the job and not take up a large amount of space! Pro Pak boxes contain 6 gallons of oil and are easily stored. All Gulf Lubricants PCEO products are available in ProPaks. GulfTEC ® Synthetic Motor Oils provide great features and benefits compared to Conventional Oil including better fuel economy, oxidation control, and lower emissions. With Gulfpride® Advanced Fuel Efficient Synthetic Blend Motor Oil you can offer the full range of products to your customers. All Gulf Lubricants PCEO products are API certified. The Gulf® brand name is well recognized across America for serving gasoline and your customers will recognize the name within the Gulf Lubricants engine oil portfolio. Join the growing list of satisfied Gulf Lubricants customers today! Gulf products are available in packages and bulk. Contact Us today for more information or to receive a quote!