November 27th, 2017




When The Cold Weather Hits You Can Count on Dennison Lubricants for your Winter Products!

Engine Oil plays a huge role with protecting your engines and equipment in extreme temperatures. Thick viscosity can also lead to reduction in your fuel economy, so it is very important to use the right products when the cold weather hits. At Dennison Lubricants, we have you covered with top tier synthetic oils like Shell Rotella® , the #1 Heavy Duty Engine Oil Brand. We are the only Shell Rotella Bulk distributor in New England and our consultants will help find the right product for you!

In addition to lubricants we carry assorted winter products listed below:

  • Peladow®
  • Rock Salt
  • Power Service®
  • K100®
  • Prime®
  • Shell® Coolants (Dexcool, Full Form, Rotella, ShellZone)
  • Camco® (Windshield Washer Fluid, RV Antifreeze, Boiler Antifreeze, More)
  • Oilzum Snow Plow Oil
  • Johnsen’s® Isopropyl 
  • Spray® Starting Fluid
Don’t get left out in the cold this winter! Contact Us for a quote today!